OOOOO’s and AHHHHH’s and Ya Just Gotta Check This Out!

The Month of March has been filled with interesting things. Due to the snows we had in February, I received an abundance of products to review when the roads became passable… so first you need to check out all the giveaways going on here at Espacularaiesa and there are more to come next week.
Crispy Green and FruitziO Dried Fruit Review and Giveaway 
Lemon Ladies Orchard Review and Giveaway
Purex Complete Crystals Review and Giveaway

Grandma’s Pure and Naturals Review and Giveaway The first post in my ‘Made in Oklahoma’ Series

Roho is a good looking Rooster

Now for a short break…

Spring is coming and the egg production is up…

Meet one of the reasons why. Lol !

I am pretty sure he thinks he is a Falcon. Anyone puts their arm out and he thinks you are calling him. 

Now on to OOOOO’s and AHHHH’s for you.

1. If you are familiar with Bare Essentials, you will want to check out their new line that is being released called bareMinerals Skincare. New rareMinerals is composed of natural, effective and mineral-abundant soil containing a comprehensive blend of beneficial macro and micro minerals that exist in nature. They extract through a unique method causing minerals yield a densely rich, efficacious concentrate. So go check out their new bareMinerals Cleansers, Moisturizers, and Treatment products. Find out more here.

2. Do your youngsters love Pillow Pets? If so you will want to get in on their Website Move Celebration. One lucky entrant will win a Pillow Pet a month for a year. Pick 12 faves and get yourself entered. Jump over to Ms Lady Bugs blog at Pillow Pets and find out more.

3. Have you tried the New BenGay No Mess Vanishing Scent Rub? I love not having to rub by hand anymore. Their new applicator top dispenses and massages the cream and did I say you don’t get it all over your hands! I really like it and the smell does go away quickly. My only problem was the applicator cap was a little difficult to pop off. Other that that I will give the new BenGay some OOOOO’s.

Spring is almost here!!! Going to be getting the little garden ready soon. I have some great stuff to share with you soon that will definitely help you in the garden as well as in the house.  Now back to the topic of Spring… like I said egg production is up but unfortunately I had to ground my chickens. Dang hens! I have 4 and sometimes five that are laying in odd places. A couple were laying in the driveway! Sooooo I grounded them. (Quit Laughing)! Kept them penned up for the day. They were not happy, but I’m sure I got my point across. OK maybe not! We found another laying spot in the side shed on top of my husbands fishing bait net. This is the life with free range chickens!!! Oh well! We have possible replacements incubating!

As some of you already know, possibly because I remind you daily, I am up for Mom Central Grant program. This is a grant I will use to enhance my blog and myself in order to bring you all fun, tips, plus great information on products and companies. This will also give more me more options for fantastical giveaways. So if you are on Facebook head over and vote for me. You can read my submission and vote every 24 hrs until April 15th. I would really appreciate your vote.

And Last But Not Least…. Gas prices got ya down? Hey maybe ya need to smile!!!!!


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