I need Your Help for our Heroic Military Serving in Afghanistan!

Some of you know I am the very, very PROUD mother of a Marine Officer stationed in Afghanistan. He, along with many others, serve The United States proudly while protecting our great nation. To serve and protect yours and my freedom , he has left a wonderful wife and two beautiful children in the US in order to answer his call of duty. Through recent communication, I have found out some real and great needs of our soldiers there.

My son Skyping!

Officer Tinney’s recent visit to a very remote, out-lying camp was successful. He went to check on the Marines and monitor their morale and check on the status of their weapons and what not. He said he was so impressed with all of these men. They just got mail for the first time since they left in early March. They are the last stop on the “PX wagon,” so, even when they try to buy things, there is not much left to choose from except soap. He also said they were all so selfless and generous with what they had, giving away the last of their snacks, or cigarettes, or whatever they may have.

Because of the location of some of these outer camps, showers and toilets are few and far between. If you do not know what a ‘wag-bag’ is ummm… look it up on google. Suffice it to say you will appreciate your plumbing. There are many amenities WE enjoy because our military serves with the least of these amenities. Now my son being the kind hearted caring soul he is, upon returning to his base, went to the px and packed up some things these guys requested and sent them off on the next truck. 

Although I wish I could tell you this outer camp was the only one, I must tell you there are several all across Afghanistan. So I would like to ask for your help now. If you are grateful for what you have then the next time you are in the store pick up a little something extra for the ones serving. I am talking simple and inexpensive items they want and need like

*****baby wipes or any kind of wipes

*****hand sanitizer (non-alcohol)

*****body wash-when they actually get to shower


*****foot powder

*****hard candies or gummy candies

*****sunflower seeds and/or peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc- again, think individual serving sizes they can stash in their pocket

*****current magazines/newspapers

*****possibly sudoku or crossword puzzles

Please Take into account they are in Afghanistan so please do not send pork products or pornographic materials.

As my Daughter-in-law said “this may just be a box of stuff to you, but to them it means the world!”

So now you have a couple of things to send… what next? Well, you may send to me because I will be sending out boxes on a continuing basis to Afghanistan to be forwarded to these outer camps. You may also include a note which will make a smile for someone serving.

Please send items to

Especially Spectacular Project

C/O     D. Denny

49959 S. 680 Rd.

Colcord, OK. 74338

I have a generous doner who is willing to pay to get our boxes to Afghanistan.

So will you give us a hand and help our Heroic Military serving so far from home?

Make a soldier smile!

Thanks for your help and I will keep you updated.

Announcing an added bonus… In June I will be giving one donor a special surprise for donating an item to the Especially Spectacular Project.

Please include your email address with your package so I can put your name in the drawing.


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