Lexercise Free Screener Tool Can Help Parents ID Dyslexia

Many parents have daily standoffs with their child to read his/her homework assignment. Yes, many kids are just being stubborn, but many others (more than we think), have language-learning disorders such as dyslexia that make it difficult for them to read. When a parent realizes there’s an issue, they turn to their educational institution for help, but unfortunately, most public schools are not set up to diagnose or help children with these disorders. Parents can spend two to three years looking for answers and help, and during this time, their child is falling behind in school. For decades, clinicians and parents have not had easy access to a screening instrument–until now. 

Lexercise, a company that provides professionally-managed, online dyslexia treatment, has just introduced a free online test, The Lexercise Screenerthat allows parents to screen children ages six and up for dyslexia, no matter where they live. First of its kind, the screener takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete and uses common words and nonsense syllables to identify children who are at risk for dyslexia.

The screener is easy to understand and will give you a beginning point to help your child and you start a plan of action. Lexercise offers many fun ways for your child to overcome learning challenges and each way is planned to your childs needs.

 You can even check out a demo of games geared to aid children with dyslexia.  The first is Isolator – a phonemic awareness game that also targets working memory and rapid processing of speech sounds, and the second is MatchStar: WordsSpoken to WordsPrinted – a matching game of spoken to printed words that targets word level reading, working memory and rapid processing. Coordinated tools for strengthening spelling, vocabulary, sentence dictation, sentence formulation and text reading are available.

Too many children are going through school not ever being diagnosed, which can have a lifelong adverse impact on them personally and professionally.  It is imperative that parents know that immediate diagnosis is possible. This site is a great resource for parents, teachers, and professionals. Reading is essential part of life and Lexercise Screener is a handy tool to help diagnose if your child might have Dyslexia.


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