I’m BaaaaaaK! Letter to my Readers!

So what has been going on in the cyber world!? Been a rough year around here. Hope you can forgive me! First there were the Storms last May. Yes Joplin was hit hard. We were also hit hard around our area. As a matter of fact our area got hit with 3 tornados in a two week period. A couple of our friends lost their homes. There were some minor injuries, But we are all thankful for coming out alive.  One of our friends even jokes about his house( or what is left of it). You see it was his Grandfathers old log cabin that was built on and around through the years. What is so funny? Well the original log cabin is the ONLY thing left standing! His Gramps would be proud!!!!

Another thing messing up things for me was my health.  I have come to terms with my illness but MAN does the meds have some dandy side effects!!!  Seems to be under control now so I thought I had better check in with you all. So I am asking, begging, pleading for you all to forgive me for my absence the last few months.

If you can all bear with me We will get back up and running and hope to have some Fantastic and Fun post for you!



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