Carbona’s Color Grabber sheets are permeable and porous and are touted as  ‘Attracts loose dyes and locks them onto the cloth NOT your clothes’. They are confident enought that they even DARE you to wash colors and whites together on their site!!!

So I did just that. I took a verrrrry red shirt and washed it with white socks….. and it worked. No pink socks (and trust me we have had the occasional pink socks and the hubby does not care for them).

I am the old school of separating laundry, but my hubby works away from home a lot and lets just say laundry just isn’t a career choice for him. After all he came home with a milk chocolate pair of overalls (used to be black) and said he did not know what happened and wanted me to fix it! Uhhhhhhh! they call that Bleach, dear!

I figure Carbona’s Color Grabber will become a must for his forays to the laundrymat when he is on the road. I am sure it will save me plenty of headaches bleaching whites when he comes home. They are very reasonable on the price, too!

Check them out Color Grabber cloths and their other products here
Carbona Color Grabber

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  1. Cheryl Royal
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 17:25:07

    The Carbona Color Grabber sounds great!!
    It would save me soooo much time ! I will buy it and try it sooon!!
    Thank you !!

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