Oh Yeah! Back on the my soap box again!

I love trying new products! I love learning new things! I love Reading! I love the earth friendly news! I love going to new places and meeting new people!

I am not one of the big bloggers, but you should still have some respect for me and my readers to treat me responsibly if you want me to represent your product or ideas.

I work with some great people who, no matter how big or small their company or event is, they treat me with respect by using my name.  The day I was born I got this name! Grown accustomed to it and shared it with the world. My name is as important to me as your product is to you. I appreciate this fact when you pitch your product to me. As a blogger, I love getting pitches and working with new companies.

With this in mind I want to share some facts with you, Mr. PR. Guy.

* Take a minute and check out the blog you are contacting. You do not have to read EVERY post but at least read enough to see if this blog is right for you and if your product is right for this blog.

* When writing your pitch to a blog owner, do not come across that I  (the blog owner) should feel privileged to be asked to do a review for you( I usually do feel privileged though).

* The most important to me is the fact you should use my name when you present a pitch to me. I would do the same if I were to pitch my blog to you.

Here is a link to a great write-up by another blogger. Kind of gives you an idea what kind of pitches we get and how frustrating they can be!

To the author of the recent pitch I received… I have turned down your offer twice already and you really got me miffed over starting your email  out with ‘Dear XXXXXX’.  Even if I had wanted to review your software, you lost me before you even began!

Now when I replied to you that I was not interested and that you should rethink your contact procedures with bloggers… you had the audacity to tell me I WAS RUDE! Grow up Mr PR Guy! You are paid to do what you do. I am not. This is MY blog. I have the freedom to write what I want. I cover the great products, people and places that I want.

I shall now step down off the soap box!

I want to add that I am open to all product or event pitches. I have received some great ones. I try to represent all products and events offered to me in a positive, friendly, and fun way. So if you have something you want me to share, by all means, pitch me!  Please just remember…

My Name is Debbie!


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  1. Alicia at
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 14:31:39

    That’s unbelievable. Blog reviews must be really really great for companies seeing how persistent they are! We’ve been getting some requests even though we’re pretty small and niche, I can’t imagine how many the larger blogs get!

    Do you get people offering to write guest posts for you as well? Have you ever wanted to just say “when your writing style improves, let me know?”

    Wow. (Again)

    • espacularaiesa1
      Mar 30, 2012 @ 15:11:40

      It is suprising some of the weird contacts bloggers get. I consider myself very lucky I have some fantastic people to work with and write about. I have not had anyone contact me to write on my blog. I have written for other bloggers but they were the ones to put the call for posts out. I am not sure what I would say to someone wanying to write on my blog. Guess I never thought about it. We will have to see!

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