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Just a lil ole granny who loves to go places and try new things. I am married to a great country boy. About 18 years ago I transplanted to Oklahoma from Kansas. According to my Brother I live out in the Boonies!!
I have been testing products for more than 3 years. I love to try new things and better yet I love to tell people about them. I figure I needed to join the blogging world and can send my opinion out to even more. I Will include a giveaways and sweepstakes on some posts since I myself love to sweep and I will share some of my fav sweeps with you. If you subscribe to my blog you will have a choice as to how often you will be emailed. Hope you enjoy!

Want me to review your Product…

I would be very interested in reviewing your products and also offering them as a giveaway. Although my blog is quite young, I feel I can offer you great PR.  Espaculaeaiesa fully develops all avenues available to promote your products.

I also add your Product link to my webpage . If you choose me to Review and you decide to provide a giveaway for my readers, I will require my readers to visit your site in order to gain entry into the giveaway. I also include extra entries into a giveaway for my readers to interact with your facebook, twitter, blog or other social media.
If you have additional giveaway guidelines you would like my readers to follow, please do let me know so that I can state them in my review. I do advertise my giveaways on several other sites daily.
Reviews and giveaways will include product photos (pull from your website or you can email me the files for them.
I would love to work with you on presenting your product.

Contact me  Debbie Denny… debdenny at centurytel.net


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