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Silk Fruit and Protein Marvelous Morning! Plus a Giveaway!  23 Apr 2012

Iris And The Dragonflies Book Review! 18 Apr 2012

April 19, 1995- Time for Peace, Hope & Serenity! BUT Never Shall We Forget! 17 Apr 2012

Enter Coupon Savings In The South’s Earth Day Garden Guys and Dragonfly Organix Giveaway 13 Apr 2012

Enter My Garden Guys & Dragonfly Organix Giveaway Then Hop to ‘Honor the Earth’ !ENDED  12 Apr 2012

Like Bacon? Try Skillet Street Bacon Jam ! Review 10 Apr 2012

Green Country Earth Fest Slated for April 20 and 21! + Earth Giveaway ENDED 10 Apr 2012

Check out my review of ‘Specific Impulse’ At Sweepstake Lover’s Blog! 09 Apr 2012

Enter Team Abegnation $100 Amazon GiftCard Giveaway! 08 Apr 2012

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Review and Giveaway!! 07 Apr 2012

Magic Bridge by Thomasina Burke Book Review AND Giveaway! 06 Apr 2012

DreamWorks Presents ‘People Like Us’!  Coming June 29 03 Apr 2012

Did you read The Post about Purex New Cookie Scent? 02 Apr 2012

Purex New Chocolate Chip Cookie Scented Laundry Detergent! 01 Apr 2012


Hey! I Got another Guest Review at Sweepstake Lover’s Site! 31 Mar 2012

Coffee-Mate Free Flavor Bash!  + Coffee-Mate Giveaway!ENDED 31 Mar 2012

Dear Mr. XXXXXX (PR GUY), MY NAME IS DEBBIE! 30 Mar 2012

Python Pirate Party Games Pack!  + Giveaway! ENDED 29 Mar 2012

Check out my Guest Post ‘’ At Sweepstakes Lover’s Blog! 28 Mar 2012

May Day Hop 26 Mar 2012


Birthday Chronicle By Because I Tried It! Review and Giveaway!ENDED 23 Mar 2012 ENDED

Check My Guest Review At Sweepstake Lovers Blog! 16  Mar 2012


Ms Becca’s Designs – Made in Oklahoma Series +  A Giveaway! 13 Mar 2012ENDED

The Sacred Thread – A story of Love and Endurance – Review 12 Mar 2012

Disneynature’s Newest Film ‘chimpanzee’ to be Released April 20, 2012! 08 Mar 2012


Enter My Giveaway of $35+ in Prizes then Hop on to The Great Swag Swap Giveaway Hop ENDED 28 Feb 2012

Freschetta’s Rally for Real Pizza Fan Contest! 28 Feb 2012

Human Trafficking – Abolishing Slavery in AMERICA!  25 Feb 2012

Knorr® Homestyle Stock + Granny’s Homemade Egg Noodles! 22 Feb 2012

Support Your Heart with MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil! + a Giveaway! 15 Feb 2012 ENDED

Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshops! AND a Giveaway for MOM & DAD 12 Feb 2012 ENDED


I’m BaaaaaaK!   Letter to my Readers! 6 Feb 2012


Oprah Fans Preview Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides 6 May 2011

Disneynature’s “African Cats” Helps Protect Land in Kenya’s Amboseli Wildlife Corridor  4 May, 2011

Lexercise Free Screener Tool Can Help Parents ID Dyslexia 4 May 2011

Awe-Inspiring Book “The Help” Coming to Theatres! 21 April 2011.

Oklahoma City – April 19,1995 – We Shall not Forget !! 19 April 2011

Try New Seneca Farms Oatmeal and Fruit for a Healthy Start to your Day! 18 April 2011

I need Your Help for our Heroic Military Serving in Afghanistan! 13 April 2011



 Disneynature’s Awe-inspiring “African Cats” Will Debut Earth Day 2011 8 April 2011 

Purex Complete with Zout Detergent + Stain Fighter Review and Giveaway! 12 April 2011 ENDED

Color it by Numbers Review and Giveaway! 17 April 2011 ENDED

Fund Raising Works Review and Giveaway! 14 April 2011 ENDED

T Shirt Printing Review 4 April 2011

Freschetta ‘By the Slice’ Review and Giveaway! 8 April 2011 ENDED

My Kraft Foods Ultimate Sandwich Makeover House Party – I’ll Give 1 Guest GiftPack away 4 April 2011 ENDED

Python Printable Games – Luau Party Pack Review! 30 Mar 2011

The Garden Guys ‘Green Your Garden’ Review and Giveaway! 30 Mar 2011 ENDED

Pillow Pet Fluffy Bunny Review and Giveaway! 4 April 2011 ENDED

‘Lysterium’ Book I – Fantasy Fiction Review and Giveaway! 25 Mar 2011 ENDED

March is National Nutrition Month and Yoplait! 21 Mar 2011  

Party City Review and Giveaway! Just in time for EASTER! 28 Mar 2011 ENDED

deVine Natural Artisian Water Review and Giveaway! 20 Mar 2011 ENDED

Dragonfly Organix For your Home Review and Giveaway! 17 Mar 2011 ENDED

Yoplait Original Yogurt Review and Giveaway!  15 Mar 2011 ENDED

 Soy Candle Cottage Review and Giveaway 14 Mar 2011 ENDED

OOOOO’s and AHHHHH’s and Ya Just Gotta Check This Out! 10 Mar 2011

Grandma’s Pure and Naturals – Review and Giveaway 7 Mar 2011 ENDED

Purex Complete Crystals Fabric Softener – Review and Giveaway  3 March 2011 ENDED

Lemon Ladies Orchard – A Love Story! Review And Giveaway 2 March 2011 ENDED

 Crispy Green and FruitziO Dried Fruit Snack Review and Giveaway 1 March 2011 ENDED

Immunet Protect Free ‘Collective Community’ Antivirus Protection21 Feb 2011

A little update and a couple of Giveaways16 Feb 2011 ENDED

What a Week! Ice, Snow, Well froze up, and A Coffee-Mate Party AND a Giveaway08 Feb 2011 ENDED

Honey Grab The Sled, Were Having A Coffee-Mate ‘Flavor Friday’ Party and Giveaway!31 Jan 2011 ENDED

So What do you call A Dream? The Oak Ridge Boys, Grand Ole Opry, And Gaylord OpryLand!!!26 Jan 2011 Yeah, I’m Grinning!!!!

2011 2nd Annual Oak Ridge

Life List, Bucket List, Whatever you call it!!! Plus a chance to win $25 Visa Card towards your own list!!!!10 Jan 2011 ENDED

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Triple Action Shampoo And Conditioner Review and Travel Kit Giveaway!!30 Dec 2010 ENDED


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