April 19, 1995- Time for Peace, Hope & Serenity! BUT Never Shall We Forget!

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building before the bombing

Has it been that long ago that I walked through the doors of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City?  That’s rhetorical! I know exactly the last time was in March of 1995! Back then I had a little consulting and bookkeeping business and made several trips a year to OKC for my clients. A lot of what I used to do is now moved into the ‘cyber age’, but back then most  required tasks to be completed in person.

It was not unusual to see a smile as you went about your chores once entering the building. I did not know all the people behind those smiles personally, but to say I grew accustomed to seeing those faces is a understatment! Some faces I would never see again!

17 years ago. as the devastation unfurled, I was glued to my television  in hopes of seeing at least just one face I recognized. I did recognize one, it was a face of shock and yet it also was face of survival. Yes, one of the 637  who survived. Those survivors, like the nearly 100-year-old American Elm (now dubbed ‘The Survivor Tree’), is a testament to the human spirit. An affirmation of Peace and Hope.

Last year during Oklahoma Arbor Week, The Survivor Tree was honored and celebrated as a symbol of resilience and strength. As with all survivors of that day… a symbol of Healing!

At 9:02 on the morning of April 19, 1995, Our nation lost its innocence. The moment 168 men, women, AND children lost their lives. The moment that 637 souls battled for survival. The moment families were changed forever!

So we shall not forget those stolen from loving families, those heros whose endurance never failed until the last was pulled from the ruins, and outpouring of love from citizens of the great nation we call HOME!

On this day in 1995 as well as that day on September 11, 2001, America with all her diversity, shows the world and her enemies exactly what resilience is!

Feel free to read my rememberence post from last year HERE!.


Ms Becca’s Designs – Made in Oklahoma Series + A Giveaway!ENDED

I have some great people to feature in my Made in Oklahoma Series. Today I have Ms. Becca’s Designs to share with you!

Not only is Becca a talented  photographer, but she is a crafty person too. I love how she brings different aspects into her pictures.  Got the Artist touch. Becca does a lot of photography shots from around our area as well as some nice graduation and special event photos .

If you live any  radius Of Jay, Oklahoma you might want to consider Ms. Becca for your special photography needs. I am sure you will not be dissapointed with the outcome.

Ms. Becca says ‘I’ve always had a love for photography, I get it from my grandma. Everywhere she went she had her camera and was snapping pictures!  I love being able to preserve memories and capturing the hearts of people.’

Becca is quite crafty and adds ‘My mom taught me to sew when I was young and I’ve loved creating things since. It’s such a great feeling knowing that I’ve created something (especially when it turns out beautiful! lol!). I’m so blessed that God gave me the talents He has!’

Ms. Becca wants to share one of her craft designs with one of espacularaiesa’s readers. She is giving away a potato sack. They are awesome little bags for baking potatoes in the microwave! These are the greatest things. You wash your potatoes, pat them dry and put them in the pouch. Place the pouch in your microwave and cook for approximately 7-9 minutes. The potatoes come out fluffy and yummy!

^disclaimer to use at your own risk because microwaves cook at different temps and never leave the potato pouches unattended.^

All you have to do is

Like Ms. Becca’s on Facebook and leave a comment here!

You can gain extra entries by voting for  for the pics in th upper right corner. Just leave a comment for each one.

Ends March 20th at 11:59.

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