The Garden Guys ‘Green Your Garden’ Review and Giveaway!

It is time to get down and dirty!!!! Spring is here and I’m gonna play in the dirt. The garden fence is going up and the dirt is ready to work ( Yeah! I know we are strange… we let our chickens run free and pen up our garden). I am one of those old fashioned gals who cans and preserves. More than 300 jars of good homemade stuff last year. You can see how my garden is important. I am somewhat famous around here for my applebutter, sweet salsa and of course the zuchini/squash relish I make. What I am getting to is you must have good soil to get the results that I demand of my garden.

So what do you need to get good healthy soil? Well travel across cyberspace with me to The Green Guys website and you can find the products and tips you need to grow that fantastic garden, flowerbed, and lawn. When I was young, dirt was something to make mudpies with (sorry sis, but you were gullable enough to eat it). Now I want to be more organic and natural when it comes to feeding my garden.

Soil is a living ecosystem. Microorganisims like bacteria, protozoa, fungi, nematodes, along with earthworms all help build a healthy organic soil. The Garden Guys highly recommend Mother Natures Cuisine to feed these organisms. Mother Natures Cuisine provides a slow release of nutrients to give your plants what they need when they need it.

I recently moved my Firepower Nandina bushes. Risky I know. It was quite a shock to them. When we replanted them I added a mixture of Mother Natures Fish and Seaweed Cuisine to each bush. Although they looked shaky for a couple of days, they took hold and have settled in to their new home just fine.

The infamous Garden Guys (Layanee, Sam and Jim) have a weekly radio show on 96.9fm out of Boston on Sunday mornings from 6:00 to 9:00 est.  You can also listen to their podcast on their website. You can call in to the show, too! Check in This Sunday (4/3) around 7:15 am central and CHECK out who is on the show with The Garden Guys….ME ME ME!
The Garden Guys, Dragonfly Organix, and Mother Natures Cuisine all operate under the OSM Inc (Organic Sales and Marketing Inc) and are committed to bringing the finest natural products to the global market. Their mission is the ultimate safety of our children, pets, wildlife and planet.  As you may remember I recently reviewed Dragonfly Organix and their Green your home products. Check it out HERE
I highly recommend The Garden Guys as the go to place for info and products to green your garden and lawn.
Would you like to feed your soil?  The Garden Guys offer a ‘Green Your Garden’ Basket full of products to help you give your garden and lawn a feast! AND one Espacularaiesa reader will recieve one!!!!
This is what it includes…

Dragonfly Organix  Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer – 1.7oz

Garden Guys Garden-Neem Insecticide/Fungicide – 24 oz        

Mother Nature’s Cuisine Flower Cuisine Fertilizer -5 lbs.

Mother Nature’s Cuisine All-Purpose Plant Cuisine Fertilizer -5 lbs

Mother Nature’s Cuisine Veggie and Herb Cuisine Fertilizer -5 lbs

Mother Nature’s Cuisine Fish and Seaweed Cuisine Fertilizer-32 oz

This is what you do…

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*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did recieve a samples of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


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